March 2010
Commercial Profile Interfusion
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Interfusion has just launched Mailhop, which provides companies with a fully managed, securely-hosted, end-to-end e-mail service. This gives organisations peace of mind, by ensuring they receive business related email securely and promptly. Mailhop is securely hosted on Interfusion’s carrier core MPLS network Nethop, and is sold on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This ensures there is no capital expenditure up front and you simply buy it on a ‘‘per user’’, monthly recurring charge basis. Interfusion’s approach for businesses to engage in cloud application services is unique, by ensuring the user’s path to the hosted application is on net, not via the internet. Interfusion’s Mailhop offers maximum security, lowest latency and a single support point for its customers. For the past nine years, Interfusion, a business- only telecoms operator, has been providing customers with fully managed telecommunications service. Mailhop is an extension of its current management offerings, whereby it oversees the complete solution, so there is no more ‘finger- pointing’ between the application vendor and the telecoms provider. Mailhop eliminates spam and viruses by using the latest content management systems to scan your e-mail, detect and filter out any unwanted file attachments based on policies that you control through an online administration interface.
The simple-to-use administration console allows your business policies to be implemented by your IT personnel to ensure that e-mail attachments sent or received are appropriate to your organisation’s needs. In addition to the mail cleaning services of Mailhop, Interfusion also offers a complete hosted e-mail platform that is powered by Zimbra, which was recently acquired byVM ware. Interfusion has created a real alternative offering to a hosted Exchange platform. Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a truly modern, innovative massaging and collaboration application. Zimbra is the leading open source solution for enterprise, service provider, education, and government environments, offering administrators and their end-users unmatched benefits. The powerful web client integrates e-mail, contacts, shared calendar and online document authoring into a rich browser-based interface.
Also,the unique open-source Zimlet technology makes it easy for you to include custom ‘mashups’ in the Zimbra web client. Interfusion has developed our own SpamCheck ‘mash-up’ which integrates our whitelist and blacklist antispam technology into the Zimbra client. Zimbra includes an elegant Ajax-based Admin interface plus full scripting tools to manage the ZCS-hosted server. Full support is provided for standards-based APIs (IMAP/POP/iCal/ CalDAV) as well as MAPI and iSync,which enable seamless compatibility with other clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple desktop suite and Mozilla Thunderbird. ZCS also offers Zimbra Mobile,which provides over-the-air ‘push’ synchronisation to smartphones as well as a connector for Black- Berry Enterprise Server. Finally, Zimbra also features Archiving and Discovery, an optional component to save and search e-mails for various compliance issues, such as Freedom of Information requests or the necessity to archive financial data. With the addition of an unrivalled help desk support service from Interfusion, Mailhop can provide a reliable and cost-effective fully outsourced managed e-mail service to your organisation.

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